31 Dec 2018

3 places to go in HongKong to find the best shops

Image 3 places to go in HongKong to find the best shops

Hong Kong is located in Southern China. It is the fourth most populous region in the world. It used to be a colony of the British Empire. It is famous for being among the largest trading entity in the world. Therefore, it is home to the finest boutiques, shopping malls and shopping centers. If you plan to organize a shopping holiday vacation in Hong Kong, it is essential to know where to find the best shopping destinations in this country.

3 places where the best shops are located in Hong Kong

  1.  Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok areas, Nathan Road, Hong Kong: The areas are home to the famous Kowloon Street Shopping, which is the largest street market. It features several department stores which offer trendy items. Sneaker Street is home to Fa Yuen Street Market, which is the best place to buy sneakers, sportswear, and sports equipment. Ladies' Market is the place to shop for ladies' clothing items and bags; whereas other accessories and pieces of jewelry can be bought at Jade Market. Another important shopping area is Temple Street Night Market. It is the best marketplace to shop for cheap clothing items and accessories, CDs and DVDs. You can also taste international food from the stalls at the shopping area. It is so mesmerizing. 
  2. Hong Kong Island: The island is home to renowned shopping centers in Hong Kong. One is Pacific Place, which is also known as Admirality, which encompasses hundreds of outlets and three major department stores. It is where you can shop for European designer clothing items and accessories, and footwear. It is also the place to watch the latest movies. Another interesting venue inside the area is Ye Shanghai, where you can taste the local specialities. Stanley Market is also located in Hong Kong Island. It is for those interested in antiques and vintage clothing. 
  3. Elements Shopping Mall: This is located in Western Kowloon. The shopping mall is organized into the four Chinese metal elements, namely, fire, water, earth and wood. It is home to a large variety of restaurants, a large movie theater, and works of art. It is so fascinating.

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