21 Dec 2018

Gifts from Hongkong that will impress at home

Image Gifts from Hongkong that will impress at home

Hong Kong is a vibrant city. It is a major tourist destination due to its architectural landmarks, culture, and shopping centers. In fact, Hong Kong is famous for its shopping malls and boutiques. This is why it becomes a shopping destination for many tourists. Market places are open days and nights.

On top of that, you can find fashionable clothing items and designer clothes and accessories from Hong Kong. Chanel, Gucci, L'Oréal, and other reputable brand names and designer products are among the best items from Hong Kong shopping malls. Articles can be bought at a reasonable price. What items should you take from Hong Kong to impress your friends and relatives?

Gift ideas from in Hong Kong

  • Jade: Jade is a highly recommended souvenir because it symbolizes good health and fortune. A large variety of items and accessories are available at Hong Kong shopping malls. The most awe-inspiring product is a gold jewelry with jade; for example, you can buy a set of gold ring with jade, gold earrings with jade, and a gold necklace with a jade pendant. It is so marvelous. 
  • Wooden furniture: Hong Kong is renowned for its high quality wooden furniture. The local furniture store has impressive items, including chairs, coffee table, bed frames, and even a cupboard. It will look good in your living room or dining room. 
  • Porcelain tea set and kitchenware: Blue and white porcelain products are luxurious. Imagine you have guests in your home country and you serve them with a complete set of porcelain dishes, tea set and bowls! It is so impressive that your guests will feel special on that day. 
  • Games: You may be familiar with board games you buy from your local shops. However, if you buy them in Hong Kong, you have opportunity to buy better designed games, with outstanding materials. The most common ones are dominoes, mahjong, checkers, cubes, and many others.

Plan your trip to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a renowned shopping destination due to its high-quality products. In addition, it is easy to buy well-known designer items at a reasonable price. The choice is unlimited whether you buy light weight products or heavier items. There are always interesting souvenir items for every taste and budget at Hong Kong shopping malls.

To plan your shopping vacation, it is advisable to check the cost of the items you plan to buy online. Then, after you have saved enough for your trip, book your flight online through an experienced travel agency, which is eDreams. It is a branch of the ODIGEO group, and cooperates with several tour operators and hotels worldwide.

If you book early, more interesting discounts apply to your plane ticket. Will it be your first trip to Hong Kong? Book your hotel with eDreams to stay at the most convenient location near the greatest shopping malls. It is also recommended that you rent a car through the same website to facilitate your way around the country. A shopping vacation will give you an incredible experience to tour the city and bring impressive souvenirs for your home.